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Atlas Asimi Transpose Visualizza ingrandito

Atlas Asimi Transpose


Atlas Cables Asimi, cavi di potenza in Argento OCC, Teflon Microporoso, terminazioni interscambiali "Transpose", crimpati.

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Product Information

Following from our work on the fabulous Asimi interconnect, we're now proud to reveal the extraordinary Atlas Asimi speaker cable. Building on the work that led to the original Atlas Mavros designs, the Atlas Asimi adopts the same World-leading construction, but with the added benefits of pure silver conductors, manufactured using the highest-quality technique for drawing pure silver.

"Ohno Continuous Cast" or OCC, used in the manufacture of high quality Atlas copper cables, increases conductivity of the material, in this case pure silver, by ensuring that there is less than one grain or signal deleting crystal boundary in about 700 feet of conductor! OCC silver allows the signal to travel through a continuous conductor instead of traversing repeated grain boundaries - in other words, the Asimi signal has a faster, cleaner and more direct path to follow down state of the art pure OCC silver.

The overall size of the Asimi speaker cable provides excellent low frequency definition, a rare attribute in silver cables where due to the high cost, the conductor size is usually compromised. That's why commentators and critics usually say that silver cables offer the listener very sweet highs but no authority in low frequencies. That certainly doesn't apply to the Asimi with 3.5 sq mm silver conductors.

Our attention was once again focussed on the coating that insulates and protects the silver. The Asimi has these conductors enveloped in our new microporous Teflon dielectric. This new air spaced material improves on the performance of the best solid Teflon or PTFE insulators, by providing a 30% greater signal velocity and better integrity, particularly in the area of high frequency delivery. This is achieved because the new material has a dielectric constant of around 1.3 - significantly better than the 2.1 achieved by the more typical PTFE insulators which up to now were the best available in HiFi or audio visual applications.

‘Transpose’ cold-weld connectors offer a superior connection compared to conventional soldered or screw cable termination, offering greater consistency and reliability. Plus our new modular connector offers maximum flexibility, eg. a cable initially supplied with z-plugs can easily be modified to spades or vice versa, helping protect your investment as your requirements change.
The ‘Transpose’ Modular Connector System is available with gold or silver z-plugs or spade connectors.

Asimi can also be terminated with Expanding Rhodium Plugs as well as OCC Spades.

Each speaker cable is provided with a serial number which is etched onto the plug. Purchasers may then register their five year guarantee safe in the knowledge that their purchase is a genuine Atlas manufactured cable that will perform in exactly the same way as those that have been reported upon the fabulous Asimi cable reviews.

The Asimi speaker cable is designed to be 'invisible' - delivering performance comparable to no direct connection of the signal. The Asimi is an outstanding product, designed by Atlas to reveal the entire content of the recording. In listening tests, the results are surprising; the Asimi introduces an air and ambience of sound hitherto hidden. Visit an Atlas stockist, listen and prepare to be amazed!

Product Specifications:

Construction :6 Conductors
Conductor Material :OCC Pure Silver
Screen :None
Dielectric :Microporous PTFE (Teflon)
Outer Diameter :16.30mm
Connector :Expanding Rhodium Plug or OCC Spade
available lengths
Lengths :2.0m, 3.0m, 5.0m, 7.0m
Custom Lengths also Available.

technical data
Capacitance (pF/m) :34.06
Resistance (Ohms/m) :0.0046
Inductance (µH/m) :0.529
Velocity of propagation :0.79

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